The ambitious team at Apocalypse Cinema take a crack at rating their top ten Anime shows and Movies.

Author M.Stern talks to Apocalypse Cinema about his most recent published works

We talk to Jason Zink more than a year after seeing his movie "Straight Edge Kegger" at a Chicago Horror film festival. On this episode we discuss the challenges of making a micro-budget horror film and getting it distributed.

Tonight we talk about sequels and prequels. Which are the best and which are the worst.

We also delve into the CHOP CHAZ news from Seattle with first-person reporting from Cow Shea

Tonight we delve into cinematic blood. We have recipes too!

Here is a link to the video so you can see the blood!

Here are the blood recipes I researched for you all to try. Careful! Some of these recipes include poisonous elements!

Hammer Blood
Kensington Gore named after the London Street
2 cups of Golden Syrup
1 cup of Water
10 teaspoons of Red food colouring
A few drops of Blue food colouring
A few drops of Yellow food colouring
10 tablespoons of Corn Flour
Mint flavouring—to taste

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) was Hammer’s first foray into color horror


Sam Pekinpah (The Wild Bunch)
Herschel Gordon Lewis (Wizard of Gore)
Red Dye

Sam Raimi (Evil Dead)
6 pints corn syrup
1 pint non-dairy creamer
1 pint red food coloring
1 drop blue food coloring

Easy Savini Blood (Edible, may stain skin
Karo Syrup
Red Food Color-Yellow-Green
Add dish soap to prevent beading

Actual Savini Recipe(non-edible Derived from Dick Smith-Exorcist)
(1 qt) Clear corn syrup
(1 tsp) Methyl paraben
(2 oz) Powdered red food color
(5 tsp) Powdered yellow food color
(2 oz) Kodak Photo-Flo (WARNING: this is poisonous)
(2 oz) Water

On this episode of Apocalypse Cinema we speak with author M. Stern about the origins of Giallo and our favorites from the genre

This week we had Matt Storc on. Matt is a local Chicago horror movie maven who puts on screenings and the Windy City Horrorama Film Festival.Matt will be at the Logan Theatre on Tuesday, Oct 29th to present a double feature of Halloween (1978)  and Halloween (2018). Show starts at 9:00PM

Tickets here:

This week we talk with filmmakers Chris Adams and Tommy Sigmon who are taking the independent cinema scene by storm with their collaborative anthology piece "Paradigm Grey".

Topics include black filmmakers unique voices in horror and sci-fi genres, the impact of Jordan Peele's success and future projects.


Here is a link to more information about the Paradigm Grey project:

Tonight we interview Jason Zink of Weirdontop Media and talk about punk, straight edge movement and the movie "Straight Edge Kegger"


In this episode of Apocalypse Cinema, we have our first guest! Rob Sepuvleda - Director of the film "The Devil Frame"

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